Wildlife Weekend Getaway near Nagpur

On October 25th, 2017

When you are in the "Tiger Capital" of India, there's no way you can ask what to do or where to go for the weekend! The forests, is the most obvious answer! Nagpur is surrounded by the Central India forests all known most popularly for being home to the largest number of tigers in India. Even amongst these, the Pench National Park is the most popular for being highly accessible as little over an hour's drive away from Nagpur. Immortalized as Mowgli's home in the classic Jungle Book tale, this 758 square km forested area of Pench National Park is home to a huge diversity of flora and fauna.

Pench National Park is closed only during the monsoons. It takes advance jungle safari bookings, which are high in demand! These safaris happen thrice a day in open gypsies and are a great way to experience sheer wildlife bliss! Fill your eyes withthe wild greenery and panoramic views and get re-connected to nature! You can enjoy gypsy rides or elephant rides for sightseeing in jungle or go for a more thrilling night safari to catch a firsthand view of the nocturnal animals! Soak in the rawwilderness at Pench National Park and forget all your worries back home!

If you are heading out for a complete fun weekend with family and friends, Pench National Park, again, is just the place! And Village Machaan Resorts, much recommended! This breathtakingly beautiful resort is known for its glass cottages that give a 360-degree view of the nearby jungle. It is located in the buffer region of Pench National Park, very close to the jungle gate of Turia! It also has private machaans that you can keep all to yourself to spend some private time with your family orfriends! In addition to providing assistance in safari bookings and arrangements, the resort also has a great deal of options of leisure activities like swimming pool, cricket and football grounds, high trampoline, indoor snooker table, table tennis and carrom arrangements and lots more! It is a complete recipe for a fun trip to Pench! A hard day in the jungle can also be complimented with a wonderful massage back in the resort or a lazy swim in the pool! This resort has something for everyone and leaves no one disappointed!

Book for your travel to Pench National Park or a long weekend of 2 nights and 3 days with Village Machaan Resorts. Not only are the safaris and other bookings taken care of but also expert naturalists are arranged to accompany you for jungle treks or nature walks to give you detailed insight on jungle life! Go for sightseeing around Pench to learn more about the villagelife! What's more! Food at Village Machaan too is delicious keeping your tastebuds satiated!

For the ideal wildlife weekend getaway near Nagpur, look no further than Pench National Park and look no further than Village Machaan Resorts!

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