Weekend Getaway in India

On November 25th, 2017

Holiday season is here, brimming with a range of exciting possibilities! And why just wait for holidays, 2018 is almost here with its 18 long weekends waiting to be spent vacaying! What better time to explore your wild side than the upcoming year?! Plan a weekend getaway to one of the country's best national parks, Pench Tiger Reserve that attracts tourists from all over the world. Pench tiger reserve records the one of the highest number of tiger sightings and is also known for being the birthplace of Mowgli, Kipling's most memorable character! Pench Tiger Reserve is paradise for wildlife lovers, Mowgli fans and birdwatchers too!

Closed only during the monsoons, the Pench Tiger Reserve invites safaris all year round! Although it is a matter of great luck to get a booking for the safari rides due to great rush, advanced bookings help a great deal! Pench Tiger Reserve lies in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh border about a 100 kms from Nagpur, one of the major cities in Central India. It is well connected by trains and roads and the nearest airports are Nagpur and Jabalpur. Why not make an exciting road trip to Pench this coming year?! Pench Tiger Reserve is not just another forest destination; it is a complete holiday locale with lot of fun activities in addition to jungle safaris and visits. It caters to all kinds of people - whether you are an ardent wildlife lover, an adventurer or a novice in travelling, Pench Tiger Reserve is meant for all!

With beautiful resorts like Village Machaan on the Turia gate of Pench National Park that offer complete holiday packages full of entertaining activities and jungle safaris accompanied by beautiful glass cottages for accommodation in the picturesque backdrop of Pench, there is no way you can get enough of the place. At the Village Machaan resorts, a typical day starts at dawn and ends only after dinnertime. There are umpteen activities ranging from safaris, jungle treks, indoor and outdoor games like snooker, table tennis, swimming at the pool or boating in the lake nearby, nature biking, birdwatching, bonfire and more! Plan a good two nights and three days trip when you do, because Village Machaan Pench Tiger Reserve is going to leave you longing for more! As resort is near Turia gate, the villagers are always welcoming and you can spend a day with activities like pottery or cook local cuisine or make mahua (locally made drink) and more!

For bookings, contact +91 7771 884 889 / +91 8435 909 944 or write at villagemachaan@gmail.com.