On Apr 10th, 2019

Nestled amidst the lush green zone at the famous Pench National Park, Village Machaan is a luxurious retreat offering an eco-living ambience for the guests. Located close to the Touria Core Zone and right in the middle of the jungle, the resort holds a magnificent aura of eco-living elegance wrapped with modern amenities. The entire resort is well equipped with contemporary and advanced facilities that beholds a charm of its own.

Village Machaan is one of the plush resorts in Pench National Park, known for its enchanting surroundings and facilities. The accommodation is lavish and caters to the basic and special needs of the guests. The rooms are elegant with plush interiors. Most importantly, the resort is designed in a way that it can furnish the needs of specially abled guests for a memorable stay in Pench.

The type of luxurious cottages at Village Machaan:
Individual Glass Cottage: The Individual Glass cottages at Village MachaanPenchare one of the finest accommodations in Pench National park. These premium cottages have elegant decor and offer a 360-degree view of the exotic surroundings. The plush interiors, luxurious style and contemporary facilities are truly stunning. The “Machaan” or an archaic kiosk on the top and personal lawns of each cottage provides a visual treat to enjoy the property and forest views.
Specially Abled Cottage: This type of cottage is thoughtfully designed for the specially abled guests and senior citizens. This is one of the unique accommodations in Pench provided by Village Machaan. The resort owners are firm believers of the fact that physical challenges or old age cannot be the reason to refrain oneself from travelling. The resort offers favourable facilities for senior citizens and physically challenged guests so that they can enjoy their trip and stay in Pench comfortably. Wheel Chairs are also available on request.
Honeymoon Exotic Cottage: To initiate a perfect beginning of a blissful married life, Village Machaan has specially crafted Honeymoon Exotic cottage for the newly-weds. Now, one can plan a honeymoon surrounded by thrilling wilderness at this luxurious resort and hotel in Pench. The cottage has wooden interiors with traditional styled roofs. The resort offers complete privacy so that one can enjoy the moment of togetherness. The dedicated rooftop ‘Machaan’ for these cottages serves as a perfect venue for a romantic candlelight dinner in Pench, where the dazzling stars are the only witness of your special moment of togetherness.

Apart from superb accommodations, the resort is equipped with all sorts of ultramodern amenities and facilities. The resort also arranges exciting activities so that your entire time is filled with thrill, fun and excitement.

Being one of the listed Pench wildlife resorts,Village Machaanis an elegant property providing serene yet thrilling stay. Moreover, apart from family getaway, it is also an ideal destination for corporate trips at Pench National Park, both for business meets and CSR activities. The large conference Hall at Village Machaan gives you an exclusive opportunity to plan your business discussions in a quaint ambience in natures lap.

The list of the facilities and activities at Village Machaan at Pench National Park are as follows: Facilities: Wellness Centre, Indoor Games, Library, Mini Theatre, Outdoor Games, Picnic, Conference Facility, Swimming Pool….

Activities: Open Jeep Tiger Safari, Night Safari, Nature Walk, Bird Watching, Pottery Workshop, Archery Target Shooting, Karaoke, Tribal Village Walk, Bonfire, Cycling and many more…

If you are planning for a thrilling wildlife trip with lavish accommodation facilities and fun activities, then Village Machaan at Pench National Park is your destination. It is one of the best properties in Pench. The exotic resort welcomes all their guests, irrespective of age and physical abilities, with best facilities based on individual needs.

Enjoy every moment at Village Machaan and return with a bagful of memories filled with excitement, fun and satisfaction!