On May 11th, 2018

When a cub is born, a mother is born! The cub could be a boy or a girl or….. a cub! Tigresses are ferocious creatures; but when it comes down to their cubs, they are as much a mother as any woman can be.

There is one such mother who has never failed to inspire awe in anyone who has seen her or heard her story. Fitted with a radio collared all at four, Tigress ‘T-15’ or ‘Collarwali Baaghin’ as she is fondly known, has an incredible journey worth a thousand retellings! Born in 2005 to the famous Tigress Badimada (featured in the renowned BBC Documentary – ‘Spy in the Jungle’ by David Attenborough) and the dreaded male Tiger Charger, T-15 was one of the four cubs back then.

A mother’s love is not just confined to a person or an animal – it is indefinable! A mother may be a gentle lamb when caring for her young ones or turn into a ferocious tigress when they need protection! She loves like there is no tomorrow and fights for your good with no boundaries! Every mother is a Super Mother!

Come witness one such “Super Mother”, the Collarwali Baaghin, in action this summer at Pench Tiger Reserve! Let’s salute to this mother, this Mother's Day!

On this special occasion come and get chance to watch Collarwali Live.

Village Machaan announces 15% discount to celebrate real motherhood. #SuperMother #HappyMothersDay

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