Tigers in Pench (4more new cubs)

On May 1st, 2017

Tigers in Pench (4more new cubs), the details are as follows.
Referred to as the Queen Mother of Pench, she has numerous other names as well, Pench Princess, Queen of Pench, Collarwali which is the most popular one and T-15 technically. Fondly called Collarwali because of the noticeable radio collar around her neck, she recently gave birth to 4 more cubs, her seventh litter, in Pench Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh. She's given birth to 26 cubs since 2008, out of which 22 have survived. No other Tigress in central India has given birth to these many cubs justifying the name Queen Mother of Pench.

In May 2008 she gave birth to three beautiful cubs but due to her inexperience as a mother she could not shield them from the harsh climate and all three were lost to pneumonia within 24 days of birth. She gave birth to her second litter in October, three males and a female cub, fortunately enough all four of the litter survived. According to SagnikSengupta a wildlife expert, Collarwali's remarkable success at procreation stems from her tendency to let her cubs fend for themselves much before other tigresses do. "She has a habit of keeping herself away from her sub-adult offsprings periodically to let them learn survival techniques on their own. This also gives her time to reproduce more frequently," he said. The department of post honouredCollarwali in 2015 by releasing a postage stamp in her name. She has also been issued special postage stamps by New Zealand and Canada.

The staff who have been observing her for the last decade say that she uses 13 different sites in the protected reserve to give birth and look after her three litters and most of the times it was caves. Devoid of tiger population that fell to poaching and other reasons, Panna is now a model in tiger reintroduction project with a population of 18 big cats (cubs and sub-adults). From zero tigers in Panna tiger reserve, the reintroduced 4 tigresses have given birth to 17 cubs in less than three years. The Panna tiger re-introduction project envisaged reintroducing six tigers in all including the earlier two females as a part of founder population to start with (two males and four females). Pench is now home to more than 50 adult tigers.

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