Springs of Pench National Park

On April 30th, 2018

“Spring: a lovely reminder how beautiful change can be!” – unknown
Spring is that time of the year when Nature unfolds its beauty to the fullest and transforms the world into a canvas of colors and sunshine! Everyone awaits the cozy warmth of the sun after cold winters and spring is exactly that season of change. And what better way to celebrate spring than turning towards wilderness where the forest comes alive with blooming flowers, nestling birds and exuberant animals in spring?!

One of the national parks that notably transforms into a paradise during spring is Pench National Park in Central India. And why? Because, this forest is rich in flora and fauna; flowering trees like Palash, Mahua amongst others, typically present in large numbers in Central India, come out in full bloom during spring! Palash or Flame of the Forest as it is rightly called, flowers only during spring which is why it has special significance in the festival of Holi, that celebrates the onset of spring! Vivid in their beautiful, bright orange colour, the flowers bloom in bunches and the trees are full of them with the leaves nowhere in sight! They have great medicinal, cosmetic and commercial value in dye production.

To witness the unparalleled beauty of these trees in large numbers, blooming in the forest, you definitely need to plan your trip to Pench National Park this spring!

Another attraction is the Mahua trees with pale pink and white flowers! The forest is fragrant with their sweet aroma during this time of the year and even the tribals celebrate the flowering of the Mahua trees. Holi is celebrated by making a traditional intoxicating drink with the Mahua flowers and a wide variety of other products too! The Mahua fragrance and happily chirping birds in the backdrop mark the forest safaris during this time!

Not just the trees, but even the birds and animals are exuberant and full of joy during spring! It is the nesting season for most birds and you can spot them in all their glory, chirping away with happiness and doing their courtship performances! The chances of spotting peacocks in their dance too are very high. Several migratory birds are visit Pench during spring! It is definitely a birdwatcher’s paradise.

The flowers and fruits blooming in spring also attract myriad animals and birds to them. Food availability increases and animals are more comfortable out in the jungle. Tiger sightings are known to increase in this time and other animals like langurs, macaques, bison, nilgai, deer herds etc. too are more visible! Tiger matings usually take place between November to February and so the chances of spotting tigress and the cubs are also high. The slowly rising temperatures attract animals to the water sources to quench their thirst or cool off! So presence of the Pench river and lakes within the forest area helps in better sightings of the animals during this time!

Pench National Park is a charming destination during spring! Those interested in birdwatching, mammal sightings and tiger sightings can visit the park during this time for breathtaking, photogenic views of the forest and the animals!

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