Paradise for Wildlife Lovers: Pench National Park

On September 25th, 2017

Welcome to Pench National Park !!!

Into the Wild!!! Pench National park is the best wildlife weekend getaway from Mumbai, Pune & Hyderabad. India hosts an astonishing variety of birds, beasts, flora and fauna. Known for having a large number of biodiversity spots and a range of habitats suited for wildlife to grow and prosper - India's wildlife safaris are guaranteed to dazzle visitors with surprises & actions and obviously some classic photographs.

Pench is located on the Southern slopes of Satpura Range, Pench River whose banks provide a picturesque landscape flows through Pench National Park. Village Machaan-Pench National Park is at a motor able distance of 100 kms from 'Second Capital of Maharashtra, Nagpur'. Pench has to offer Tiger-"King Of The Jungle", mammals and birds, morning , afternoon and night Jungle Safaris to view the magnificent array of wild beasts in the region. Experience the wilderness at its best with Bird Watching, Nature Walk, visit to Potters village and Tribal dance. Village Machaan resort is near Touria gate provides star facilities to its guests.

With migratory birds coming in November - February and tiger population increasing, Pench is the one of the destinations which offer amazing wildlife tourism to travellers. Touria gate is home to famous Tigers like Collarwali, BMW, Raiyakassa male, Langdi Tigress, Patdev Tigress, Sharmili Tigress and you have good chances of sightings.

It is the panoramic beauty of this region that has been described as early as the beginning of the 20th century by naturalists like Captain J. Forsyth in 'Highlands of Central India' and by Rudyard Kipling in the 'The Jungle Book'.

The Pench Tiger reserve is known as the birdwatchers paradise. There are more than 350 species of birds like peafowl, vultures, Indian Pitta, crow pheasant, jungle fowl, Kingfisher, red-vented bulbul, crimson-breasted barbet, magpie robin, lesser whistling teal, racket-tailed drongo, egret, pintail, shoveler, herons to name a few.

It is not short of paradise / heaven for 'Wildlife Lovers' and staying in the middle of it will augment your trip to the land of 'Mowgli'. Plan your holiday with family and friends staying at Village Machaan Resort in Pench Tiger Reserve. Experience the luxury of star resort and have a 360° panoramic view from the Machaan of your glass cottages. We promise you the best of nature and wildlife for children and adults.

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