Tips On Choosing A Good Hotel/Resort For Your Trip

On April 30th, 2018

Summers are here and it’s time for your next vacation! You need to plan your destination, book your tickets, arrange for your accommodation, shop; the list goes on! So, you want to find the best hotel or resort for your trip and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry; you are at the right place!

Finding the right hotel is definitely a big decision as uncomfortable accommodation in a new place is a major put-off! It can make or break your trip and there are some critical points you should be taking care of when making your booking. It also is important that you get a good deal as spending a lot on stay eats into other fun parts of your trip budget. Here are a few points you should consider:

1. Location of the hotel
Choose a hotel in the right location depending on your itinerary. If your trip involves a lot of sightseeing and shopping around the city, a hotel in the city area will be ideal. If you are plan involves a lot of scenic trekking or a relaxing time with family or your spouse, a hotel in the quieter area at the city outskirts will be fitting. It also should be located in a well-connected area so that public transport or cabs or buses are easily available and you don’t waste time arranging for transport.

2. Hotel’s rating and reviews
Hotel ratings reveal a lot about the hospitality and comfort of the hotel. Generally, luxury hotels receive very high ratings for the kind of service they provide and a mid rating may indicate a balance between the economy and service of a hotel. Make your choice depending on the rating that suits your plan and budget. If it is a romantic holiday and you plan to spend more time with your partner relaxing than roaming around, go for a luxurious stay. If it is a long vacation you are looking for, something within budget may be more advisable.

3. Rooms
Check the kinds of rooms available and their tariffs. If it is a family vacation you are going for, you may find attached bedrooms or those in which extra beds may be fitted as per requirement. There are dorm kinds of rooms or private cottages depending on the kind of hotel or resort. So, make sure you check all your options prior to making a booking.

4. Amenities and family-friendliness
Look for amenities that you will be requiring well in advance. You may require laundry services for longer vacations or a fitness center, swimming pool or therapy center. Also look for basic housekeeping services, food availability or kitchen service at odd hours (if you are carrying an infant with you), elevators, etc. You may also want to check up on the recreational facilities like play rooms, family time in swimming pools, children’s corner, special offers or family friendly policies of the hotel or resort.

5. Deals, packages and loyalty programs
Some hotels and resorts offer economical packages that include stay, food, transportation and other fun activities, sightseeing etc. when you are out on a vacation. They usually turn out much cheaper than individually arranging for each. Saves you a lot of time too! Look for vacation deals, family packages in the hotel or resort you are trying to book. Also, for frequent travellers, many hotels or resorts offer loyalty points, which you can redeem during your vacation. Keep an eye out for these deals and offers and make your bookings for cheaper!

Just keep the above points in your mind while planning your next trip and accommodation bookings will be a cakewalk! Have a happy vacation!

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