Happy Independence Day

On August 15th, 2017

Welcome to Pench National Park !!!

"Time to Think of Nature".

Raise the Indian flag and celebrate Indepdence day. celebrating . Enjoy this day with fervor and zeal showing patriotism, or spending time with family and friends. It's the day where you sit, relax ,take a moment and think where our country has developed in last 70 years. But do we ever introspect? Where are we? What have we done? How are our children going to enjoy Mother Earth or Nature or Wildlife? We're not asking you to take a pledge or commit a fund but a simple question, what have we done for this EARTH / COUNTRY which is being selfless and always helpful. Some facts for the day - Though India has 70% of the world's Tiger population but it has also recorded 120 Tiger deaths in 2016. In Just four months of 2017, Karnataka alone has lost 12 tigers. Tigers also deserve freedom from poachers and we can help them. All the flora and fauna in the world deserve some freedom too and yes, we can definitely help them. Question is HOW?

Well that we'll leave it to you to do your deed, conserve nature because all living things deserve FREEDOM on this Independence day. We at Village Machaan a resort in Pench Tiger Reserve strongly believe in the conservation of all animals. We have provided land for pasture at Village Machaan and are working towards the better environment for the next generation. Join hands with us in spreading the word.

If you have ideas and suggestions to protect nature and the environment around you, feel free to call us at
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