On September 25th, 2017

Welcome to Pench National Park !!!

The festival of Lights- Diwali is something that we all wait for throughout the year. People show their joy by illuminating their home, all young & old enjoy sweets, celebrations, shopping and firecrackers. This year let's do something different, let's illuminate homes & lives of others and let's respect the environment in association with Village Machaan Resort.

Crackers not only contain toxic constituents, but also harm the environment and think of the children who work in factories producing fire crackers. The children who are forced into this labour risk their lives to earn a meager livelihood from this. So lets not be a part of this bursting crackers tradition and celebrate this Diwali in the villages of Pench with a flavor of local cuisine, their tradition, dance, lifestyle with a hands-on training of pottery and last but not least, a night full of Diyas and Rangolis.

The explosive sound of crackers scares a young bird or our pets so much that it gets disoriented and runs or flies aimlessly.Let take an oath to give a dimension to our mother earth rather than making it hard to live on this earth. Taking a tour of adjoining villages, you will find life in the very joyous and beautiful form with Rangolis, Painted Kacha Ghar's, and their fancy Aangan's. Spending Diwali with them not only teaches you another dimension in life but also a deeper understanding of Rural India.

According to children's rights NGO Bachpan Bachao Andolan, India produces nearly $38 million worth of firecrackers every year, most of which are sold in the weeks leading up to Diwali. Air pollution leads to respiratory illnesses such as Asthma, Bronchitis and killer lung problems which not only affects environment but old people also.

Celebrate an environmentally safe Diwali this year with Village Machaan Resort in Pench.

A sheer thought of accomplishment of responsibilities towards society gives an immense and long-lasting satisfaction which fireworks can never give. Let this change start with this Diwali. Celebrate this occasion with a zest and zeal to make the environment-friendly celebrations a way of life rather than being an option. Inspire others by having more fun to celebrate Diwali without crackers.

In Pench, at Village Machaan many guests enjoy their Diwali vacations, plan a closely knit family and friends get together. Bonfire and few games can add spice to the evening celebration. Complement the party with a candlelight dinner. Celebrate Diwali in the villages of Pench with tribal dance and drive to pottery village and Kohka Lake. This would add a new dimension to the festive celebrations.

Village Machaan has created a special Diwali package for its guests from 1st October to 31st October, 2017 which will make it easy to plan their holiday!

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