10 Reasons Why You Should Try Wildlife Photography

On April 30th, 2018

Have you ever had a moment in life where you were surrounded by nature and the experience it wasn’t pure bliss? The chirping of birds or sights of animals in the wild going about their daily business is always a pleasant and fascinating experience! The raw beauty of Mother Nature is incomparable and its out in the wild that it is protected the most. The peace you find in close association with nature and wildlife cannot be found in anything else, which is why it makes wildlife photography a most enriching hobby. Not just that it gets you closer to nature but it makes you realize how wonderful the natural world is, full of amazing phenomena and how much there is still to explore!
Wildlife photography is definitely a must try and here’s why:

1. To truly connect to nature
Until you actually step into the wild, wild world, you do not fully realize the magnitude of beauty and harmony that nature preserves in its forests! Wildlife photography has to be done in the wild and it gets you to truly connect with animals and birds and nature around and become one with it.

2. To make you aware of conservation
The bond you build with nature when in close association with it for your wildlife photography expeditions lasts forever. It also makes you more aware as a person about your responsibilities towards conservation of this beautiful habitat. You become a better person and more strongly advocate conservation of forests and nature.

3. To witness rare wildlife moments and sights
While we are in the rut of our daily lives, some really special moments and sights take place in the wild world, which we will never be able to witness. The peace and serenity and mere simplicity that life is, is best enjoyed by animals – no masks, no inhibitions! Such rare sights can only be witnessed if you are there at the right moment and watching the animal, which is exactly what, as a photographer, you are going to do!
4. To get to see endangered species before they go extinct
Many wild species of animals and birds are going extinct due to human induced pollution and encroachment into their habitat. The wild animals are soon disappearing! Wildlife photography gives you the best opportunity to witness such endangered species and even see a lot of other wild animals that you did not even know existed!

5. To get stress-free
Photography is a very involving activity and requires a lot of concentration, patience and focus. You are set amidst greenery and lots of natural beauty. All in all, it leaves no room for stress or too much worry! So, unwind and relax with wildlife photography as a hobby!
6. To learn a lesson or two about life
Wildlife photography really tests one’s patience! Wild animals are like free birds, and all they do is their will. There is no control of ours over their activities, positions or emotions. All you can do is wait and while at it, click hundreds of failed images until you catch the moment you were waiting for, which is very rewarding. It teaches you a lot about failure and hard work to attain success.

7. To explore your adventurous side
Photographing the wildlife does need some amount of resilience and guts. The weather may not be in your favour and the threat of an attack may be really thrilling. Since you are on your foot most of the times, the risks of getting attacked by a wild animal are quite high. It is this thrill and uncertainty that wildlife photographers love and are addicted to!

8. To gain first-hand knowledge about animal behavior
What can beat learning by experience and observation when it comes to animal behavior? If your interest lies in studying behavior and psychology of wild animals and birds in their habitats, photography gives you a great opportunity for the same! You could learn so much by mere observations and improve your skills in the field!

9. To attract positive attention
Wildlife photography is considered to be really cool as a hobby or profession and make you popular pretty soon! You might get opportunities to get your photographs printed in news articles or magazines, that’ll up your popularity level in no time!

10. To make it a great career option
If you have the right set of skills and dedication, wildlife photography can turn out to be a great career option for you and help you earn a lot of money. Wildlife photography is still in nascent stage and lots of options are available to showcase your talent. If your work is good, TV channels like BBC or Discover or National Geographic may invite you to work for them!

Wildlife photography is not just a great hobby but also a lucrative career option! Give it a shot, and you will sure get addicted!

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